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                  仁愛版英語八上Unit3 Our Hobbies單元練習
                  一、單選題 (共1題,共5分)


                  Hangzhou is famous__________? its silk in China.

                  A.from B.at C.in D.for

                  二、單詞拼寫 (共1題,共5分)



                  【1】Have you heard about the news?

                  Yes. The ________________ (價格) of petrol(汽油) went up last month!

                  【2】When spring comes, all kinds of flowers will produce ________________(令人愉快的) smell.

                  【3】They are planning to go on a ________________(假期) to the USA next month.

                  【4】He is very funny and often makes us ________________(笑).

                  【5】Do you want to ________________(繼續) your English study?

                  【6】The ________________(重量) of these apples is about 20 kilos.

                  【7】We all regard that ________________(友誼) is the most important in the world.

                  【8】You should learn to ________________(分享) your happiness with others.

                  【9】Lang Lang gave a piano ________________(音樂會) in our city last month.

                  【10】It's easier to learn a foreign ________________(語言) when you visit the country.

                  三、完成句子 (共1題,共5分)




                  I like to exercise ________________________________________________________________.


                  Our parents often say that we are ________________ young ________________ decide for ourselves.


                  Mike often ________________ to make us happy.


                  ________________ he ________________ for you at noon yesterday?


                  ?________________ it is to listen to him playing the piano!


                  They are ________________ in ________________ basketball.


                  I don't ________________________________ you about space.


                  We ________________________________ dinner in the kitchen ________________ we heard the news on the radio.


                  Dad ________________ too much, but he has stopped it now.


                  The charity ________________ to help homeless people in the city.

                  四、補全對話 (共1題,共5分)



                  A: What are you going to do this weekend?

                  B: I'm going to do some reading. 【1】

                  A: Sure. I have just read a good book.

                  B: 【2】

                  A: Lovely Monsters.

                  B: 【3】

                  A: Han Han. A bestselling writer.

                  B: Oh. I really want to read the book. Can you lend it to me?

                  A: 【4】

                  B: How long may I keep it?

                  A: 【5】

                  B: Thank you.

                  A: You're welcome.

                  A. What's its name?

                  B. No problem.

                  C. I'm afraid not.

                  D. For a week.

                  E. Have you read the book?

                  F. Could you give me some advice?

                  G. Who wrote it?

                  五、完型填空 (共1題,共5分)


                  ? Almost everyone has his own hobby. My hobby is reading. When I was young, I didn't have any hobbies. I? always watched TV at home all day and my parents were __________ about me.

                  ? One day, my father took me to my aunt's home. When I got there, I saw my cousin __________ in his room. I ran to him and said, "Reading books is so boring. Why not go out to play games? That's more __________."

                  ? "I don't think so. Reading is really interesting, and also I can get a lot of __________ from my books." Then my cousin asked me some questions, but I couldn't __________ most of them. He was two years younger than me, but he knew much more. My face turned red.

                  ? That day he told me many interesting stories. I __________ myself in his stories. From then on, I became interested in reading. Now I have a room __________ books. In my free time, I'm happy to be __________ and read the books. I do well in my subjects because of all the books I've read, and I'm especially good at __________. I have won many prizes in writing contests(比賽). That makes me feel very __________.

                  【1】A.tired B.scared C.worried D.excited

                  【2】A.read B.reading C.playing D.play

                  【3】A.important B.enjoyable C.surprising D.comfortable

                  【4】A.activities B.programs C.instructions D.knowledge

                  【5】A.receive B.repeat C.answer D.follow

                  【6】A.helped B.taught C.encouraged D.lost

                  【7】A.full of B.short of C.opposite of D.fit for

                  【8】A.special B.early C.different D.alone

                  【9】A.writing B.English C.P. E. D.science

                  【10】A.nervous B.sick C.proud D.sorry

                  六、閱讀理解 (共1題,共5分)


                  Starting a stamp collection is easy and not very expensive. Before you start, you need to decide what kind of stamps you want to collect. Most people collect stamps that they are interested in: a certain country or an animal, a famous person or even a sport. Whatever you choose, you will find that there is a world of knowledge in stamps: you will learn about people, geography, building, history and culture.

                  You can collect stamps from letters, ask your friends to let you have their old stamps, or you can buy used stamps. When you get a letter with a stamp on it, carefully cut out the stamp. Leave lots of space around the stamp so that you will notdamageit. Put the stamp in water and wait until you can safely remove the stamp. Carefully remove the stamp off the letter. Place the wet stamp between two clean pieces of paper. A stamp can get wrinkled(褶皺的) when it dries, so put some books on top.

                  【1】What does the writer think of collecting stamps?

                  A. Hard B. Expensive C. Useful D. Boring

                  【2】What does the underlined work “damage” mean?

                  A. 損壞 B. 保存 C. 利用 D. 刪除

                  【3】What’s the correct order when we try to get a stamp on a letter?

                  ①Remove the stamp off the letter.

                  ②Place the wet stamp between two pieces of paper.

                  ③Cut out the stamp.

                  ④Put the stamp in water.

                  ⑤Put some books on top.

                  A. ①→②→⑤→③→④ B. ③→④→①→②→⑤

                  C. ④→①→②→⑤→③ D. ③→①→④→②→⑤

                  七、任務型閱讀 (共1題,共5分)


                  ? During the summer holidays there will be a new schedule(時間表).

                  Changes for meal and library service hours and for bus schedules will be shown on the wall outside the dining room. Weekly film and concert schedules, which are being made, will be shown each Wednesday outside the library.

                  Buses to the town center will leave the North Beijing every hour on the half during the day. The dining room will serve three meals a day from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. during the weekdays and two meals from noon to 7:00 p.m on weekends. The library will continue its usual hours during the weekdays, but have shorter hours on Saturdays and Sundays. The weekend hours are from noon to 5:00 p.m.

                  All students who want to use the library borrowing service must have a new summer card. This announcement(通知) will also be shown in the next week's student newspaper.


                  【1】What's the main idea of this announcement?


                  【2】When will the bus leave the North Beijing during the summer holiday?


                  【3】Which schedule is not ready?


                  【4】Is there going to be breakfast on weekends during the holiday?


                  【5】What do the students need if they want to borrow books during the holiday?